About Me

Hi, I’m Luke Kuepfer, a leadership developer and life coach. I help non-profit and business leaders understand how to maximize their God-given potential to lead and serve others.I am the author of A Serving Leader’s Devotional and the President of the Reverb Network where we provide leadership training, consulting and coaching to faith-based and non-profit organizations as well as to business groups and other associations for the purpose of creating a serving leadership culture in all spheres of society.

My Content

I am a life-long learner and communicator of transformational truth. I present to a broad range of audiences on leadership, life purpose, people skills, communication, and team building. I am dedicated to motivating others toward leading, loving, and serving everyone. I firmly believe that having our thinking challenged is not enough; it must be translated into change. My teaching style involves audience participation and is practical and engaging. Principles must be applied in order for life learning and change to occur. In any learning environment, simplicity can be achieved on the far side of complexity.


My Experience

I taught school for three years, directed a non-profit organization for ten years, and have acquired a Masters in Leadership from Asbury Seminary. I’ve spoken broadly on leadership, team building, and personal mission over the last 20 years on four continents and numerous states and provinces in the USA and Canada. Presently I travel internationally at least twice a year to conduct leadership development programs in Africa and Southeast Asia.

My Family

I currently reside in Wilmore, KY with my wife Amy and three children—Brittany, Courtney, and Jamin. My two youngest were born in Thailand where I directed a non-profit organization. My eldest is already in college. Amy works part time as an administrative assistant for a non-profit organization near our home. We all love to hike and climb mountains, especially in Colorado. Each year we try to knock out more of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks on our quest to climb all 53.



My Contact Information

You can reach me via Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I also have a YouTube channel where I feature weekly one-minute serving leadership devotionals. You can sign up for my free weekly newsletter HERE (see an example).



What Others are Saying...

"I have to say again in all the leadership classes and growth seminars, this was by far the best I have ever had the privilege to be a part of.” -Doug Barnes, Walnut Creek Foods
“…from a business perspective this was one of the most enlightening seminars I have ever attended…” -Bob Allen, Managing Partner, Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio
“…most intriguing and captivating message I’ve ever heard…” -Student Evaluation, Perspectives Class @ LSU, 2011
“…I [was] changed and not simply challenged…” -Thomas Laborde
“…great investment for anyone desiring to strengthen their personal leadership skills…” -David Livingstone, Regional Manager of North-East & Mid-Atlantic RegionThe JESUS Film Project
“…high-energy presentation of the material was delightful, articulate, and profound…” I’ve used and appreciated Ken Blanchard’s well-known leadership resources for a good while. His Lead Like Jesus focus is second to none! And Luke Kuepfer’s high-energy presentation of the material was delightful, articulate, and profound! -Don Showalter, President of Hearts Alive!
“…inspired with the practical tools and resources offered…” -David Hocker
“The LLJ seminar was a worthwhile experience for the Choice Books “servants” as well as others who attended. At times it pushed us to the edge, and probably beyond our familiar comfort levels, reminding us that good leadership is being good servants.” -Simon Schrock, Executive Director of Choice Books